Products imbued with Japanese tradition and aesthetic lifestyle

Our company is engaged in consultation and distribution of the Japanese interior materials mainly to the overseas market.

Overseas export support

We are committed to providing a reliable and prompt service from responding to various enquiries received from all over the world to shipping and ensuring the timely arrival of the products.

(Example) Sequence of operations from receiving an enquiry

  • 1 Suggestion, mailing of catalogues and samples
  • 2 Estimate proposal (confirming transport method (sea or air) and payment conditions)
  • 3 Confirmation of stock status and delivery date
  • 4 Order receipt (invoice preparation and product arrangement)
  • 5 Export documentation preparation
  • 6 Shipping and notification of expected arrival date
  • 7 Arranging shipment (shipping company / invoice number notification)

Our Products Range

We deal with a wide range of Japanese interior material products.


The size of a typical Japanese wallpaper product is approximately 91cm~93cm wide, and one roll is approximately 50m long.
It is made from a wide range of materials, including PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin), Japanese paper, textiles, foil, paper and fabrics.
Functionalities include anti-fungal, flameproof (Japanese standard), odour control, waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-allergen, surface reinforcement (scratch resistant), stain resistant (easy to wipe clean), phosphorescent (stores light energy and glows in the dark), and some products combine multiple functions.



機能性としては、防カビ、防炎(日本基準)、消臭、撥水、抗菌、抗アレルゲン、表面強化(傷がつきにくい)、汚れ防止 (汚れが拭き取りやすい)、蓄光(光のエネルギーを蓄え、暗くすると柄が光る)等があり、複数の機能を兼ね備えた製品もあります。


The typical size of upholstery textile products in Japan is about 120cm~150cm in width and one roll is about 25m~50m.
Materials include wool, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, rayon, cotton and linen. Functionalities include waterproof, flameproof (Japanese standard), compatible with hypochlorite, water blocking function (processing to prevent urethane from seeping into upholstery), some products suitable as flame-retardant for vehicle upholstery, OEKO-TEX® certified.


The size of a typical Japanese upholstery vinyl leather product is approximately 122cm/137cm wide, and one roll is approximately 30m long.
The main materials are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and non-PVC PU (polyurethane). Linings are made of polyester, brushed fabric or brushed knitwear.
Functionalities include alcohol resistance, hypochlorite resistance, anti-bacterial, (hard to cure), oil resistance, stain resistance (hard to get dirty and easy to clean), transfer resistance (not susceptible to dye transfer), anti-virus, washable, vehicle interior material flame retardant standard (JABIA) acquisition. We also have a range of products that comply with EU regulations (RoHS2 (EU) 2015/863).



The most common sizes of order-made curtains in Japan are from 100cm ~ 300cm in width and from 18m ~ 100m in length, with 50m being the most common.
The most common material is polyester. Some include acrylic, rayon, and polyurethane (as a lining for completely shaded products).
Functionality includes flameproof (Japanese standard), washable, shading, UV protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, image blocking, photocatalytic deodorization/antibacterial processing, hypochlorous acid compatible, there are products such as Eco Mark certified products (using recycled pet resin with a weight ratio of 50% or more). The main places of application and uses are hotels (including bed spreads), houses, condominiums (serviced apartments, condominiums), hospitals, facilities for the elderly, cushions, shower curtains, etc.




The most common size of rolled carpet products in Japan is 364cm wide. The pile length ranges from about 3.5mm to 22.0mm, and the total thickness from about 5.5mm to 24.0mm.
The most common materials are wool, nylon and polypropylene, but polyester and acrylic yarns are also used.
Functionalities include insect repellent, stain repellent, electrostatic, fire retardant, antibacterial and anti-mite. Some of these products are recommended by the Atopic Society of Japan and made from renewable, plant-based materials.



The most common size of carpet tiles in Japan is 50 cm square, and each case contains 16 to 20 tiles (4 m² to 5 m²).
The pile is usually made of nylon and polypropylene, and the backing is usually made of PVC + glass non-woven fabric. The backing can be converted to a felt backing (minimum order quantity and price on request). Functionalities include stain resistance, electrostatic properties, fire retardant properties, antibacterial, odour resistant finishes. These products are available in light, medium and heavy duty versions according to composition and standard.


PVC Floor Coverings

The most common Japanese PVC flooring products (made of PVC polyvinyl chloride resin) are cushioned rolled sheets, square tiles and bars.
The roll type is available in widths of 135cm and 182cm, thicknesses of 1.8 to 3.5mm. The square type is 457.2mm in length and width, 2.5mm to 3.0mm in thickness. The width of the bar type is 100mm, 150mm, 152.4mm, 180mm, the thickness is about 2.5mm~3.0mm, the length is 914.4mm, 1200mm.
The material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin), cushioned roll sheet type, square type and bar type (flooring type) products are available.
Functionalities include: anti-wax (UV resin coating), odour control, waterproof, super anti-bacterial (inhibits the growth of E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, etc.), anti-bacterial, wear resistant, chemical resistant, anti-static, light resistant (including outdoor use), anti-slip (prevents slipping due to uneven surface), stain resistant (easy to wipe off stains), anti-fungal. There are also products that combine multiple functions.
In terms of design, there are many types of patterns and colours that realistically represent wood, stone and tiles. These products are water resistant, easy to maintain and highly practical with a wide range of designs and functions.

For facilities

Our recommendations for the main areas of use are hotels, restaurants, commercial premises, offices, factories, condominiums (serviced flats and condominiums), hospitals (including treatment rooms) and elderly care facilities.


For residential use

The main areas recommended for use are washrooms (toilets, bathrooms), pet floors, living rooms in flats and condominiums, balconies, communal corridors and stair areas.


Other interior materials

Soft skirting boards

Soft skirting boards are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are called “soft skirting boards”.
They protect walls from scratches and hide gaps between floors and walls.
They are easy to install and affordable as they are glued in place.
They are available in three main sizes, 60mm, 75mm and 100mm high. There are two types of product: roll and bar. They are also available with or without R (to prevent water and dirt from seeping in and to absorb unevenness in the floor). The main patterns are plain and wooden.


Anti-slip flooring

This is a sheet flooring material made of PVC resin with an uneven surface pattern to prevent slipping because of water and oil. Recommended applications include common corridors and balconies in apartment buildings, corridors and external walkways in schools and public buildings, poolside and restaurant kitchens. There are also special products designed for safety when walking outdoors on stairs and for reducing walking noise.


Laminated sheet with adhesive

High-grade sheet (film) made from PVC material with an adhesive on the back. Recommended applications include interior and exterior of buildings, lifts, doors, furniture, fittings, fixtures, signs and vehicles. It is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, including woodgrain, stone and metallic tones. There are also products with strong, scratch-resistant surfaces, waterproof coatings and odour control properties.


Glass films

Various functions and designs can be attached to window glass according to the intended use.
The main functions are blindfolding, thermal insulation, shatterproof, security and insect protection.

Adhesives (glues)

For wallpaper: Mainly composed of starch, water, fungicides, preservatives, etc.
For flooring: Urethane resin type and epoxy tree type are available, and can be used according to the conditions of the site.

Other than interior materials

We would like to recommend you a selection of high quality products made in Japan.


Making full use of traditional Japanese designs and Yoshida Techno Works’ innovative in-mold molding technology, each piece is carefully made with the hands and time of each craftsman.
(Combining traditional Japanese design and modern technology, KICHI is a brand that brings color into your life.)


After in-mold molding with a transfer foil with the motif of Ise-Shima’s Akoya shellfish, the decorative surface is further insert-molded to seal it.


Ornaments are made with Yoshida Techno Works’ world-renowned in-mold technology, incorporating many of the most advanced decorative techniques used in the Japanese cosmetics, consumer electronics and automobile industries.
(YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS’ innovative In-mold Decoration technology not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of our products; it also revolutionizes their functionality.)
You can enjoy the beauty of the changing colours as you look at it, the surprise as you hold it, and the pleasure as you use it.
(“ornament” is our brand of one-of-a-kind, limited-edition products produced by YOSHIDA TECHNOWORKS.)


The inner evaporated pearls shine beautifully through the outer polyhedral parts. The tiny opening and closing parts are integrated into the design to create a precise locking effect, so you can carry it with confidence.
(minimalist design that sparkles with lustrous intensity)

Card Case

With its eye-catching depth of colour and beautiful gradations, the Card Case is available in more than 10 different colours.
(deep, eye-catching color gradients)


The Coaster has a beautiful colour and metallic sheen, with a subtle undulating top surface that prevents glasses from sticking and a raised edge that catches drops of water. The convex sides allow for secure stacking.
(Beautiful colors with a metallic luster)

Design Tray

The Design Tray is a simple, yet elegant and delicate tray, which is made of a transparent resin with a sealed handle using tin deposition and in-moulding. The tray is easy to handle, easy to clean in the dishwasher and can be used in the microwave.
(simple, with hints of luxury and delicacy)
(The glass-like transparency and metallic sheen were created using TRITAN and our In-mold Decoration technology.
Please try the newly released Design Tray, which combines excellent design and functionality.)

Hand Mirror

Mirror with unique beauty that changes color depending on the angle. Mirror was created with a focus to be ultra-thin and lightweight, using domestic tempered glass that is also used to protect the LCD of smartphones. It also comes with a special cover, so you can safely carry it around.
(the unparalleled beauty of iridescence in a compact size)
(Our ultra-thin, lightweight mirrors use Japan-made tempered glass- the same type used in smartphone LCDs.
The high-tech glass insert is encased in a thin layer of resin for added protection.Comes with a handy carry case)

Pen Case

The Pen Case has a functional shape and a beautiful glossy finish, with a finely designed flap structure that opens with a single action of pressing the corner.
(functional form radiating with beautiful luster)


The smoothness of the handle, achieved by a special UV coating, and the concavity of the back of the handle, which fits the fingers, enables you to put on your shoes smoothly.
(sleek and compact)